A downloadable prototype for Windows

Cloak N' Fragger is a twin-stick, top down arena shooter for 2-4 players, where every player has the capability to cloak themselves to hide from their enemies (as well as yourself!).

NOTE:  Currently, only 2 players are supported.  4 Player support might be added if this continues development.  Future updates don't really seem likely though.


Left Joystick
Right Joystick
Left Trigger
Toggle Cloak
Right Trigger
Fire Weapon
Left Bumper
Known Bugs:
  • Pause menu is currently not implemented, close window to exit the game.
  • Player hitboxes are still detected after death.
  • Movement speed increases while sliding against walls.
  • Footprints don't face same direction as players.


CloakNFragger.zip 18 MB

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