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NOTE: To play this game via the *.ino file, a set of Move38's Blinks are required, as well as a Blinks Development kit.

"Dynamo" is an open-ended party game made for Move38's Blinks platform.  Dynamo's core functionality is simple - It's light is powered by touch.  Pressing the button will charge your dynamo, but the charge only lasts for ~1 second.  With this core mechanic, we designed 3 different games with very flexible rules, and encouraged players to "think playfully" and create their own games.

"Dynamo" shipped with 3 individual sets of game rules:

  • Power Struggle: A competitive, physical party game for 2+ players, where the only rule is to be the last player to keep your Dynamo alive.
  • Bulb Juggler: A dexterity-focused game for 1+ players, where they must keep as many Dynamos alive as they can before one dies.
  • Electron Drift: A game similar to "hot potato" or "egg toss", where any number of players pass a Dynamo tile back and forth across a playing surface, keeping it alive as long as possible.

Official Dynamo Blinks may be purchased through Move38 Store.


Dynamo.ino 3 kB
Dynamo.pdf 289 kB

Install instructions

To install the .ino file onto your own blinks, ensure you have the latest version of the Arduino IDE installed, and follow the instructions found at move38.com/letsdothis to set up your development environment for installation.

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