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New Employee Orientation

Ever wished your controller could be a phone instead?  Well, here at Reps Incorporated, now it is kind of!

A very loving and special thanks to my friends:

Mac Ito

Josh Rainboldt

Alex Pait

Amira RK




who voiced the customers and brought way more character into this game than I could have ever done.

Made for the 2022 Alt-Ctrl@Home jam.

Additional Credits & Attributions



Sound Effects

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Made withGameMaker


PleaseHold-WIN1_1.zip 39 MB


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That is such a creative use of a gamepad! I love it <3  A recap video of the jam entries is available on 

Thank you!!


Wow this was harder than I expected. I grew up with the PSX, but now I'm using an xbox controller, so I don't have a good grasp on the colors. Luckily I think doing badly actually leads to the most fun reactions hahaha.

PS: The video is soooo good!

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will this work with my keyboard

Sorry, I only designed and built the game around a gamepad, though I am kind of curious to see how this would actually play with a keyboard too...


no biggie :3 

Please do make an option for keyboard,  I don't have a controller to use for my computer


Ignatious Hamilton is justifiably pissed. I kept putting him on hold and I absolutely got confused by the rotated prompt so I think I just coughed down the phone at him. I didn't like him anyway. The next couple of people got A* customer service because I'm a fast learner.

Voice acting is so rare in small games and yours is great :).